Purpose of the Council and Activity Plans


The purpose of this Council is to promote the conservation of
Itou or sea-run taimen living in the Sarufutsu area, Hokkaido. It
also seeks to coordinate its conservation efforts with a
sustainable use of timber through maintaining economically
productive forests.

Description of Activities

  1. Conserving sea-run taimen in cooperation with forest owners around the Sarufutsu
    forest, the central and municipal govenments, and NPOs, etc.
  2. Providing fields to researchers for sea-run taimen in the Sarufutsu forest.
  3. Educational activities.
  4. Public relations activities.
  5. Exchanging information and interacting with related organizations and other groups.

Activity Plans

Educational Activities
• Hosting forums and symposiums.
• Holding nature schools.
Cooperative Activities
• Providing study fields. (Encouraging involvement of students and researchers.)
• Explaining its activities to owners of the surrounding forests, etc.
Public Relations Activities
• Building and running its website.

Office Locations

Sarufutsu Office
Within the Sarufutsu Itou no Kai
Onishibetsu Minami-cho, Sarufutsu Town, Soya Region, Hokkaido 098-6233 Japan
TEL 01635-2-3614 FAX 01635-2-3129
Tokyo Office
Within the Forest Department of the Strategic Resource Management Division, Oji Paper Co., Ltd.
4-7-5 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
TEL 03-3563-4567 FAX 03-3563-1140
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